If you are a huge fights sports fan or are not sure yet what niche to choose to make some money with gambling, check out our article, where we will show all the best martial arts and combat sports that are definitely worth your attention. Let’s get started.

MMA Events

It is a relatively new fight sports niche, yet it has attracted millions of viewers from all over the world. In this sport, the athletes apply various martial arts, including elbowing, punching, wrestling, and more. The beauty of this sport is that it does not have many rules which make the event breathtaking and exciting. There are tons of gambling strategies you can use in MMA events, but the most popular ones are to guess how long the fight will last, who will be the ultimate winner and the way how the athlete is going to win. Gambling on this sport offers lucrative odds and there are events all year round, so you do not need to worry about seasonality like in skiing. So, if you already like mixed martial arts and know the basic rules, why not try your luck and make some extra cash while doing something you are interested in?

Like in any sports gambling, you are meant to do thorough research before placing wagers. Here are some things you should check prior to placing predictions if you want to boost your deposit and get a greater ROI:

  • Previous results – While it is entirely fine even for favorites to not win some fights, you should look at the most recent events and the athlete’s performance. Are they motivated enough to win? If not, gambling on them is not an option. You do not necessarily need to bet on favorites – very often underdogs have a bigger motivation than their opponents and thus the latter end up losing.
  • Fighting strategy – Each sportsman has their own winning strategies. Before starting gambling, study the tactics of both athletes to see who is more likely to win. For example, one athlete prefers to use kickboxing techniques, while the other likes applying wrestling techniques.
  • Significant changes in life – We are all alive and have ups and downs at every moment of our life. Check if the athlete you want to gamble on has suffered some personal drama like getting divorced or had undergone surgery. All this may impact the performance of the fighter and it is important to take all factors into consideration to boost your chances of success.
  • Location of the event – Obviously, sportsmen that fight at home have an advantage since they are heavily supported by the cheering local crowd and could even get a more favorable score by local judges.

These are the main things you should take into account when making MMA bets. If you do thorough research prior to gambling, you are going to get a higher win rate and boost your deposit, even if you start small.

Boxing Gambling

This sport is one of the biggest in the world – legendary boxers like Tyson Fury or Floyd Mayweather make tens of millions of dollars for each fight, so why not gamble on them? If you never skip a match and know everything about this niche, the good news is that you can also earn good money with boxing – and you do not even need to leave your house! Boxing gambling has extensive markets and very attractive odds. Combine it with juicy promo deals and special offers from bookmakers, and you are able to easily skyrocket your initial investment in no time.

Like MMA, in boxing, you can choose the sportsman who you think will win, when you think the fight will end (what round), and how the boxer will win – so the bets are the same like in MMA, so you do not even need to learn new techniques. Now let’s see what factors you should study before placing wagers on the next boxing event:
Recent fighting performance – Like in other sports, before placing a prediction, you should study the recent performance and productivity of the athlete you want to place money on.
Opposition quality and fighting style – How does the athlete you want to bet on fight? Do they use a defensive or an in-or-out strategy? Match importance and location – Like in MMA, different events have different values, so you must analyze not only the power of the two sportsmen but also if one of them holds a hometown advantage since sportsmen who participate in local contests tend to perform better thanks to crowd support.
Age – Age plays a huge role in fight sports. The best age range to gamble on a boxer is 23-30 years, as boxing is an extremely tiring sport that wears out the athletes much quicker than in other niches (football, basketball, tennis, etc.). Since boxers get a lot of injuries, it may be risky to gamble on sportsmen who are over 30 – they tend to get weak and tired much quicker than their younger opponents. This is especially true for heavyweight matches.

As you see, fight sports like boxing and MMA share a lot of common features, namely the factors to consider before starting gambling and the types of predictions you are able to make. Since the two sports are similar, you can choose the one you like better or even try making money with both! The beauty of this niche is that you can find extremely lucrative odds (especially if you compare multiple bookmaker platforms), which will result in a much faster deposit boost.

Let’s Get Started With Fight Sports Gambling!

Now that you know what fight sports you may choose to gamble on and make some extra cash, it is time to start acting. No matter what you choose – boxing or MMA, you will always be able to make good money while enjoying watching the event. With our useful tips and constant research, it will not be long before you create a reliable source of income for yourself and for your family. Good luck!